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Tips for Working from a Home Office

Have you just transitioned from working in the company offices to working from home? Perhaps you’ve changed companies or started your own business. Whatever the circumstances, it’s no doubt an exciting time filled with anticipation, a sense of freedom and maybe even a bit of trepidation. Ditching the morning commute and office politics can be an appealing prospect. While working from home has many advantages, it can also be fraught with other issues which need to be navigated upfront. The two major concerns of those who work from home are maintaining work life balance and staying connected to coworkers.  Follow these recommendations from the human resource professionals to ensure a successful work from home experience.

The first step in the transition is to set up a home office. A laptop on the sofa is not a home office. Identify an area in your home that has privacy from the flow of traffic and has adequate space for a home office. Ideally, a spare guest bedroom that can double as a home office is preferable. Secure a large table or desk that is sufficient to accommodate a laptop or desktop, computer peripherals, necessary documents and work papers as well as office supplies. If the configuration of the space permits, arrange the desk in front of a window. Natural light will add tremendously to the quality of your day in the office. Quite frankly, it will also most likely allow for better cell phone reception. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and explore the great data plans offered by Verizon Wireless. Invest in a quality desk chair. As you will be spending a great deal of the day sitting, proper support is critical. Add task lighting and you’ve managed to set up a highly functioning home office.

Much the same as if you were commuting to an office, commit to starting your work day at roughly the same time each day and ending at roughly the same time in the evenings. Avoid the temptation to return to the office in the evenings and on the weekends. Working from home requires an even greater self-discipline to maintain a positive work life balance.