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Timber Oak Framed Building Structures Benefits

Timber frame is a structural system made up of paneled walls and floors. These are made from timber studs and are clad with strong, high-quality board products. Ideal for buildings, the timber frame adds stability to the vertical and horizontal foundations of the general structure. Timber frames are the most suitable choice if ground conditions are poor, if the structural shell is much needed or if the design cannot accommodate large structural spans.

Here are some benefits of timber oak framed building structures.

Ease of Construction

One of the most important factors you should know about the construction of timber oak framed buildings is how fast and how easily it can be constructed. In fact, with timber-framed structures, it would only take a few days to erect a building while bricks and blocks would take weeks usually.

The dry construction process of timber-framed buildings can also be seen as extremely beneficial while working when you are working under pressure for a tight deadline. As soon as the frame is watertight, you can begin sooner with electrical and plastering work. Otherwise, if mortar and plaster are used, then you will need to have long drying times.

Moreover, timber-framed buildings can be built with extreme accuracy. Through this, you can make sure that the structure can be erected without any problem and complications.

Natural Resistance to Heat

The installation of timber is very useful against natural heat. This is because it does not require pre-heating unlike buildings built from masonry. With a better thermal performance, timber-framed structures protect itself and the interior of buildings from heat build-up because of a much thinner construction compared to masonry structures.

Timber frames like oak kit frames can basically achieve better thermal regulation because it allows enclosed spaces to heat up faster than masonry construction. It also follows that they also tend to cool more quickly.

Environmental Sustainability

Timber oak framed building structures are also naturally eco-friendly. One reason is that the timber comes from woodlands that have been carefully managed. Thus, the timber oak framed building structures are a sustainable alternative and renewable resource.

Timber absorbs carbon dioxide emissions that are released into the atmosphere by various industries. You can think of timber as a sponge that absorbs much of the heat from global warming. Besides, as long as trees used for construction are continually replaced, the supply of timber will be infinite.

Physical Advantages

Timber frame structures are a disadvantage of their sturdy structure. In fact, they have an edge compared to masonry structures. Some of these are the following.

  • Timber framed structures have natural strength and robustness. As long as they are constructed properly, the optimal amount of timber can bring about great strength.
  • Timber framed structures have no trouble with condensation. Condensation can occur when the warm air in the interior of the building diffuses to the cool exterior. Timber reduces through a vapor barrier between the inner wall and the insulation.
  • Timber is resistant to rotting and infestation. The timber frame is well protected from the development of wet or dry rot. Proper construction and maintenance also add to the natural enduring qualities of timber.
  • Timber has some resistance to fire. In fact, when timber burns, while the outer parts become charcoal, this becomes an insulator against heat. This then stops the burning. Aside from this, you can use additional fire protection for the frame so that fire cannot spread. Thus, timber is useful for Stockport fireplaces or where you are using Colne stoves.
  • High-quality timber can be achieved even in conditions that are less controlled. Nonetheless, it is still good for suppliers of timber frames to apply controlled factory conditions to the construction site.
  • Timber frame can also be easily shaped into many types of designs ranging from the traditional to the extremely contemporary. Timber oak beams can be exposed to special features depending on your requirements.

Cost Effectiveness

Timber framed building structures are basically cost effective. In fact, the cost of a pre-designed timber frame is more expensive than other materials. However, the price of timber is more certain since they are more predictable compared to the fluctuating prices of those used for building on-site.

Some Final Words

Timber oak framed building structures have so much to offer to your buildings. They are durable and easy to maintain as its frames can last for centuries. The easy maintenance is basically due to the fact that timber oak wood does not change its color over time. You have heard how good timber oak frames are when it comes to the environment and as a construction material. In fact, many say that timber oak frames also have excellent acoustics. Thus, the sound absorbent quality may be perfect for buildings where conferences and programs are held.