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What You Need To Know About Fire Sprinklers

Avoiding fire damage is a concern for many business owners. Fire prevention measures are not only required but help save your business money on insurance. Smoke alarms and fire sprinklers don’t operate the same. Here’s a brief rundown on the common misconceptions surrounding fire sprinklers.


If you have fire sprinklers in your business, California requires them to be certified. Both annual and 5 year fire sprinkler certification California are available to ensure the sprinklers are capable and ready to handle a fire threat. Certifications make sure your business is prepared if a fire does start.


Fire sprinklers are designed to spray water on fire in your business. Many business owners are fearful of faulty sprinklers flooding their fire-free offices causing untold damage. However, sprinklers working properly are designed to actually reduce the damage caused by fire, smoke and water. Not all the sprinklers come on at the same time. Each sprinkler is triggered by heat and often a few sprinklers can put out a fire lessening the damage caused.


For two centuries, fire sprinklers have evolved to complex feats of engineering. The temperature of the building must reach a certain level for the sprinklers to release a torrent of water. Sprinklers do more than alert the employees of fire like a smoke detector does. Today there is more than one type of fire sprinkler available. Dry pipe systems use compressed air to start then fill with water once triggered. Wet pipe systems use steel pipes filled with water.

Unlike what is seen in some movies and tv shows, fire sprinklers can save your business without causing more damage than necessary. When a fire is contained to one room, the business has less to deal with. Your insurance company may even offer a discount for having fire sprinklers installed. A comprehensive fire prevention system helps save lives and limit property damage.