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Want to Use Parquet Floor? Recognize First it Plus-Minus

Parquet is divided into two types of parquet, namely parquet made of solid wood and parquet made of laminated wood (synthesis). To make it more clear, will explain the advantages and disadvantages of parquet from both materials: Excess parquet from solid wood

Parquet floors with solid wood materials have a better appearance or attractive because it is directly from the tree and for durability is better than other types of wood flooring. For more information you can visit

Lack of parquet from solid wood


The weakness of solid wood parquet is relatively prone to moisture because it can still expand and shrink. The price of solid wood floor is more expensive compared to other Wood Floor.

Because the parquet floor is made of solid wood, the amount is relatively few or limited and the price is relatively higher or expensive compared to the parquet floor with synthetic wood or laminate.


Excess parquet from laminated wood


Parquet floors derived from synthetic or laminated wood have a good appearance, because the top layer is still using a layer of wood (veneer). This makes it look like a solid wood floor.

The price is relatively cheaper than the parquet floor that comes from solid wood.

Lack of parquet from laminated wood


The weakness of wood floors made from synthetic or laminated, durability is not as good as solid wood flooring. Parquet from synthetic or laminated wood is also very prone to moisture. Because of its strength is relatively below the quality of solid wood flooring.

So naturally if the parquet from synthetic wood or laminate is prone to termite attack.

Terms apply a parquet on the floor

Before applying the parquet floor should pay attention to the cleanliness of the ground floor, to ensure the parquet floor is not damp and porous in the future.

Between the ground floor (floor) and parquet floor is given layer under layer made from thin plastic or foam.

The function of thin plastic or foam aims to hold water vapor from the floor up onto the parquet floor. The parquet floor should be glued together with the same material as the parquet floor, usually called stair nosing.


You also play to combine the parquet motifs so that it looks like a puzzle