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Vinyl Flooring – Is It Worth a Shot?

Deciding to invest serious cash into improving your home isn’t usually a rash one. Deciding to redo the flooring in a part or all of your house might be your most bold undertaking yet. With so many choices and price points, you would have no problem breaking your teetering budget. One such flooring option out there that has made a resurgence of late is vinyl. Hearing the word may conjure up visions of that bright yellow and green pattern your grandmother had in her kitchen, but like most everything, vinyl has evolved. There are some great benefits to going this route throughout your home.

Don’t Worry About Water Damage

Unless your home suffers a massive flood event, vinyl is one material that will hold up to a spill or splash. When checking out vinyl flooring in Orlando, FL pay particular attention to how highly rate it is in resisting water. It is one of the only materials you can put down on floors that can stand up to this claim.

Vinyl Requires No Maintenance

Unlike hardwood or laminate flooring, vinyl requires little to no maintenance aside from keeping it clean. The material holds up against the wear and tear a family can carry with it. Unlike ceramic or porcelain, dropping something hard onto it won’t cause a crack or scratch. It stands the test of time with zero refinishing required.

Large Selection to Choose From

Gone are the days where it was a one-size-fits mentality for vinyl. You can walk through your local home improvement store and find samples in every size, shape and texture – some even look like tile or wood. Planks give your home the look and feel of wood or laminate with the durability that vinyl has to offer.

Choosing vinyl flooring is a win-win all around. Between the durability, ease of care and variety offered, you should be able to find something that fits your needs and budget.