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Shutters You Can Close with a Switch

I always wanted plantation shutters in the worst way possible. I grew up in the South where you used to see these shutters in almost every dwelling in the city. There’s a reason these shutters appeared in that part of the country (and are used in tropical climes around the world as well), and it’s because you have to deal with a lot of hot sun and humidity. These blinds control the sun that comes into the room while allowing the breeze to move hot air around. You couldn’t live without these things back in the day.

They’re not as necessary with the convenience of air conditioning, but they do look outstanding in a room and they still work wonders with keeping out the sunlight, especially if you have windows that are exposed to the sun for hours a day. That’s the dilemma I’m in and curtains just never cut it. If anything, they soak up the sunlight and make the room hotter. I wanted to throw them out and get the shutters. I worried about the cost, however, as I wanted motorized shutters that I could close with the flick of a switch.

I found a company online that installs these shutters and they came out to take a look at the windows I wanted covered. Even better, they are totally familiar with motorized blinds and have installed many of them around town. I chose the color of the shutters and some other options and they brought them out, installed them, and now I am enjoying these beautiful shutters every day. Everyone always comments on them immediately whenever I have visitors, so I think I definitely made the right decision here. If you’re thinking about giving plantation shutters a try, all I can say is go for it. You won’t regret it.