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How to Care For Persian Rugs

Genuine oriental rugs are more than just something to throw on a wood floor to prevent damage. As anyone who has ever purchased one knows, persian rugs are an investment. As such they should be given the extra care that they require and deserve to keep them looking beautiful and help retain their value. Below are a few tips for new owners interested in preventing wear and damage to the fine fabric of their rugs.

Avoid Sun Damage

The often remarkable colors and patterns on a genuine Persian rug are usually created using natural dyes, which are, unfortunately, more susceptible to damage from exposure to direct sunlight than modern synthetic dyes. It’s important to keep any naturally dyed rug out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Rotating the rug so that it will at least fade evenly is a good way to mitigate damage when some exposure to the sun is inevitable. Rugs placed in direct sunlight should be rotated a minimum of once monthly.

Keep Traffic Uniform

If the home’s inhabitants and guests walk across the same section of the rug every day it will eventually wear down the fibers. Some wear is inevitable, but avoiding visible pathways is often as simple as moving the furniture in the room around to make it easier or harder to access certain areas of the rug on foot. This can also help to avoid damage from the furniture itself.

Vacuum Carefully

It is important to vacuum the rug periodically as it not only keeps it clean but also prevents the fibers from getting packed down. However, using a cheap vacuum is likely to do more damage than good. Particular care must be exercised when vacuuming older rugs or those with threadbare spots, as the beater bar on a vacuum can easily catch loose fibers and cause tears or runs.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

It’s best to avoid placing an expensive rug where it can end up being on the receiving end of spills, but accidents sometimes happen no matter how much care is taken. All spills should be cleaned up immediately by gently dabbing at them with wet paper towels. Only water should be used to clean up spills. Leave stain removal and deep-cleaning for professionals.