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Beautify the Room with Natural Nuances using Laminate Floor

Floor Laminate Floor – The use of wood as a floor cover of a building, tends to be associated with the aesthetic value that the owner of the building wants to achieve. Various styles of design ranging from contemporary to modern, ethnic or classical, very suitable combined with wood flooring is due to its function and flexible appearance. If you want to see more info about laminate floor or more, just visit this link

Laminate Floor


Fibers and fine patterns found on wood, give a more natural impression. Also not boring, because the wood can balance the room temperature and feel comfortable in the sole of the foot.


Formerly most people are more familiar with solid parquet as wood floor coverings. This product is made from real wood. Can come from Teak, Mahogany, Merbau, pine, and others. The advantage, because it contains compounds that come from nature, the level of immunity to termites very well. Its lifespan can be tens or even hundreds of years.

But along with the prohibition of logging and logging, many manufacturers are beginning to make new breakthroughs, by presenting similar items, but the quality can be said to be better.

“People know more solid parquet, the material is from real wood, but with the ban on deforestation, the laminate floor is made,” said Store Operational Metro Interior, Miftahuddin when met by Tribune in Sei hot.

This laminate floor, he added more environmentally friendly than solid parquet, because it does not use the original wood.

In addition, if exposed to scratches of sharp objects or high heels, the surface will not be scratched alias anti-scratch because it contains aluminum oxide. If exposed to the fall of hard objects, such as hammer is also not broken.

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